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Just Bolt on and Roll Out!

Time at the lake is precious, and lifting docks heavier than your boat will end your season with a hernia.  Stop the madness.

With nothing more than a wrench or two and 5 minutes of your time, you can convert your heavy, cumbersome old dock into an easy to install roll-in dock.  Turn a 5 man job into a 1 man job with our kit shipped right to your door.

Breathe new life into your dock, and yourself!

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Product Description

Make Any Dock A Roll In Dock!

Is that heavy old dock making your back ache?  Are new docks from the local marina just too expensive?  If so, it’s time you outfit your current heavy duty wood or steel dock with some heavy duty wheels!

It’s so simple…

1. Slip the axle adapters over your support pipes and tighten the set bolt

2. Slide the aluminum axle through the axle adapters

3. Secure the 24″ dock wheels with the provided retaining rings, and ROLL OUT! 

These do-it-yourself boat dock wheel kits take the hassle out of removing and installing your lake docks every year.  Just slide off your old mud feet on your current truss dock or sectional dock and slip the axle adapters over the top.  Tighten down the set bolt and you’re ready to roll – no drilling or special modifications necessary.

Each do-it-yourself roll-in dock wheel kit includes:

  • 2 aluminum axle adapters (for either square posts or round) – Just slip over your existing round pipe (2.0″ max outside diameter for round pipe adapters) or square pipe (2.0″ max outside width for square pipe adapters) and tighten the set bolt.
  • 2 poly dock wheels – Some of the biggest and most robust wheels available, they roll over rocks easily with a monstrous 24″ diameter and 8 inch width.
  • 1 aluminum thru axle w/ retaining rings – Available for 3ft wide docks or 4ft wide docks.

Please remember to check out our Zero Liability Return Policy so you can order with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions for DIY Roll-In Kits

Q: How do I know the kit will fit my dock?


A: There are 2 key points you must review to ensure the roll-in wheel kit will fit your dock.  First, a 48″ dock kit will fit a dock that has support pipes either mounted immediately to the outside of the frame or immediately to the inside of the frame.  For example, if the the distance between centers on your dock support pipes are between 45.5 and 50.5 inches, you should be all set. Similarly for a 36″ dock, if the distance between centers of your support pipes are 33.5 to 38.5 the 36″ kit will fit fine.  Second, if your square support pipes for square kits or round support pipes for round kits measure 2.0″ or smaller, they will slide right into the axle adapters.  If they are significantly less than 2″ (1.5″ or smaller) you may need to purchase a longer 3/4″ hex set bolt to accommodate the smaller pipe diameter.

Q: Will those poly dock wheels crush under the weight of the dock? Will they make the dock buoyant?


A: The dock wheels are the best wheels on the market and can support a weight of 700lbs each, so no, they will not crush under normal use.  They also have water inlet holes on the outside walls.  This means your dock wheels will fill with water as you roll them in and drain as you roll them back out.

Q: What tools will I need to install the roll in kit? Do I have to drill or modify anything?


A: The only tool you’ll need is a 3/4″ wrench for round pipe kits and a 3/4″ and a 13/16″ wrench for square pipe kits.  There is no drilling or modifying required.

Q: What is the longest dock I could roll in? How many roll-in kits per dock?


A: This one is going to depend on both the dock you’re outfitting with the roll in kit, as well as the person doing the rolling.  Typically 1 kit per 16ft pier is the maximum one would want to go, but it wouldn’t be unreasonable to go more or less depending on the circumstances.  The more wheels the better!

Our dock wheels plus your dock makes your life at the lake easier.  Give it a try.

Additional Information

Dock Width

Round Kit For 3ft Wide Docks, Round Kit For 4ft Wide Docks, Round Kit NO AXLE – Wheels and Adapters Only, Square Kit For 3ft Wide Docks, Square Kit For 4ft Wide Docks, Square Kit NO AXLE – Wheels and Adapters Only