Dock Wheel Axle Adapters
Square Dock Leg Axle Adapters

Dock Wheel Axle Adapters


All of What You Need, None of What You Don’t

Lakefront owners are a skilled folk, and they know best what it will take to get their docks in quickly.  For those among us who want to craft the roll-kit themselves, we offer the axle adapters for sale.

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Product Description

Dock Wheel Axle Adapters

Many of out customers already had roll-in docks with failing parts.  In many cases, the stock axle adapters just didn’t have the longevity or they already had the dock wheels or dock axle.  For these cottage owners we’ve decided to offer just the axle adapters to meet their specific dock needs.

Each axle adapter set includes:

  • 2 aluminum axle adapters for either round or square dock legs – Just slip over your existing square pipe (2″ max outside width for square kits) or round pipe (2″ max outside diameter for round kits) and tighten the set bolt.
  • 2 aluminum retaining rings
  • 4 set bolts and hex nuts

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Frequently Asked Questions for Dock Wheel Axle Adapters

Q: How do I know the axle adapters will fit my support pipes?


A: If your dock support pipes are 2″ outside dimension or smaller, they will slide right into the axle adapters. If you measure the outside diameter or width of your support pipes and they measure either 2″ or just under, they will fit nicely.  Be sure to order the right kit!  Round kits for round dock legs and square kits for square dock legs.

Q: What tools will I need to install the axle adapters? Do I have to drill or modify anything?


A: The only tool you’ll need is a 3/4″ wrench for round leg kits and a 3/4″ and 13/16″ wrench for square leg kits.  There is no drilling or modifying required.

Additional Information

Square or Round Kits

Round Dock Leg Adapter Kit, Square Dock Leg Adapter Kit