Dock Cross Brace


Let's Tighten Things Up A Bit!

There's nothing worse than a wobbly dock.  Grandma doesn't want to walk on it.  Neither does the wife.  Heck, the dog doesn't even want to walk on it.  Wobbly docks are always a result of flex in the dock legs.  Quickly install one of our Dock Cross Braces on your dock legs and say good bye to dock wobble for good!

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Product Description

Just like being on the top rung of a step ladder, the taller a dock gets, the higher the center of mass and the greater potential for wobble.  By adding a single cross brace wobble can be drastically reduced or eliminated completely.  You’ll be astonished at the difference.

Dock Cross Brace Details:

  • Made from thick, light weight, long lasting aluminum.
  • Fits 1 1/2″ schedule 40 pipe (1.9″ outside diameter)
  • Easy to install.  Simply close the clamp around dock leg, insert the supplied bolt through the clamp and the brace, and tighten the nut.
  • Includes 1-cross brace (5ft long), 2-round clamps, 2-nuts and bolts

Frequently Asked Questions for Dock Cross Braces

Q: How do I know the brace will fit my dock?


A: There are 2 key points you must review to ensure the Dock Cross Brace will fit your dock.  First is leg size.  If your legs measure just under 2″ (about 1.9″), you should be just fine.  Much smaller than that and the clamp will not go all the way tight.  The second issue is distance below deck height.  The cross brace angle is fixed depending on the distance between legs.  To figure your minimum distance use this formula: 3600 – (your width between poles)^2.  Then take the square root of that.  For example, if your width between legs was 48″ you’d have 3,600-2,304 which equals 1,296.  Take the square root of that and you end up with 36″ – the distance you’d need to have from he bottom of the deck frame to your foot pad on the lake bottom.