Kids On Dock

Our Mission: is here to help cottage owners get more from their lakefront while spending less in the process.  The objective is simple:  Drive cost down and pleasure up!  Our business helps cottage owners through a collaboration process in which we build the part of the dock that most lake front owners can’t readily build themselves, and then give you the tools you need to complete the job through FREE dock building instructions.  The result is a beautiful, easy install / easy remove dock built from long lasting materials!

Why our products are superior

All of our products are manufactured from non-rusting, lightweight aluminum.  Anyone who has been on the lake for any amount of time knows that troublesome docks have 2 main characteristics:  They are heavy enough to give you a hernia and the materials rust solid making adjustment impossible.  Aluminum is the intelligent choice.


Why our products are so reasonably priced

Simple.  No distributor.  You are buying products directly from the company that manufactured them.  That means no 30% mark-up at the distributor and no 30% mark-up at the local marina.


What you can expect when dealing with us

Honesty, integrity, and communication.  If we goof we’ll do everything we can to make it right.  Just ask.