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Can I Tie My Boat to My Dock?

Can I tie my boat directly to my dock or do I need to use a boat hoist?  This depends on a number of factors such as lake conditions, size of the boat, and the dock you’re using.  Let’s look at each factor individually: Lake Conditions:  If you live on a small lake or pond […]

When to Use A Floating Dock

Customers often come to me and say “Hey, I’d like a floating dock for my cottage.” Their request is understandable. Floating docks conjure up nostalgic images of those Adirondack camps and rustic boat launches we all hold dear to our hearts. The emotional appeal aside, when is it right to use a floating dock and […]

Can I Leave My Dock in if I Use A Dock Bubbler?

Some of you may ask, what the heck is a dock bubbler?  In concept, it is really a slick little device.  The idea is as follows:  Hang the dock bubbler off the end of your dock and the bubbler will keep open water around your dock all winter long.  No ice, no ice damage.  Seems […]

Do I Need to Remove My Dock for Winter?

This question is very common among first time lakefront home owners.  The preceding scenario is usually as follows:  I just bought this house in June, the old dock is either gone or an accident waiting to happen, and I have NO IDEA what I even need, let alone want.  Fear not my soon-to-be-lounging-lakeside friends, I’ve […]

Aluminum or Galvanized Steel – Which is better for docks?

So which is the better dock building material – aluminum or galvanized steel?  Well I’m going to give you the ol’ “Sunday morning politician on Meet the Press” answer.   It depends.   But I’m not sidestepping the question to avoid being on the record – it really does depend!  Each offers their own advantages and disadvantages.  Galvanized […]